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From the desk of:
Marc MacDonald, M.Sc.
Independent Sleep Apnea Researcher

If you are reading this letter, you (or someone you love) suffers from sleep apnea. And you are looking for a proven way to cure sleep apnea, so you can throw away that CPAP for good!

Let me assure you that you are in the right place.

Through much research and countless conversations with sleep apnea survivors, I have discovered that there ARE proven cures for sleep apnea.

And I have documented proof of these alternative sleep apnea cures – through conversations with 9 survivors of sleep apnea. Many of these survivors tried CPAP and just couldn’t stand it. Or it simply didn’t help their apnea. So they searched for alternatives, and eventually conquered their apnea.

What you are about to learn is rarely talked about in sleep apnea circles. In fact, many people don’t even know these treatments exist!

– 119 pages of actionable information on alternative, non-CPAP sleep apnea treatments

– 9 case studies of men and women who have completely cured their sleep apnea without CPAP

– 15 types of alternative treatments that are proven to cure sleep apnea (detailed descriptions)

Here’s the good news: you can easily benefit from the hard work of these apnea survivors. I’ll tell you exactly how in a few moments. But first, let me tell you how I got involved in the exploding epidemic called sleep apnea.

My introduction to sleep apnea began on the night of August 26th, 2007. My wife and I were asleep in bed and something happened that would change my life forever.

At 2:00am that evening, my wife abruptly sat up, gasping for air. It was as if she was dreaming about being chased! Suddenly she sat bolt upright in bed. She was choking for air, and completely disoriented. She didn’t know where she was.

That incident was repeated many times in the coming months. Every night, her breath stopping and she gasping for air. What we didn’t know at the time was that my wife had the classic symptoms of sleep apnea.

But my wife’s problems didn’t stop at night. During the day, she was chronically fatigued – sometimes falling asleep just by sitting down on the couch. I was so concerned about her constant tiredness that I was scared she was going to crash our car!

We both knew it wasn’t natural to be so tired all of the time. And we also suspected that gagging while asleep pointed to some health problem. But at the time we didn’t even know about sleep apnea. We were soon to find out many surprising facts about this silent killer…

Let me tell you a little about myself. My passion is research – it’s what I do for a living, and it’s also my passion. I love digging into a topic and really understanding everything about it – from the ground up.

So when my wife started showing symptoms of a health condition (we didn’t know what), I started digging.

And what I found was pretty shocking.

When I typed “gagging while asleep” into Google, a flood of articles on sleep apnea came up. As I explored more, it…

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