How to get skins ?

How to get skins Without sharing is an addictive new mobile game that combines the classic game of snake with elements from the popular Agario mobile and web browser hit. In this game you are a snake which eats other snakes and grow long

Change Skins

It is very easy to get a set of skins in the game

Here you will find the bottom right two buttons for sharing on Twitter and Facebook.
You just need to log onto the desktop version of the game and in the lower right-hand corner of the screen are options for sharing on social media. Once you share, go back to and in the lower left-hand corner you should see the option to Change skin. Click on it and select the one you want to use!
How to get change skins ?

In order to unlock all the custom skins available in the gameĀ  all you have to do is to share the word about the game either on Twitter or Facebook through the share buttons on the game.


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