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You can play game in two ways either on your browser like Firefox chrome on your desktop or on your mobile phone like android and ios iphone.As a player, you spawn as a snake. You control the snake with your mouse, and move around. The goal is to get as large as possible by eating other snakes.You must avoid all other snakes otherwise you will be dead and other snakes will eat you up and increase their length. Controls for Mobile Android Iphone control for Desktop and laptop

The Controls in are relatively simple. On browsers, your snake is controlled by your mouse and moves in the direction of your cursor. There is another way to control your snake by using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.its very easy control for Mobile iphone

First download this game from android or ios store.To move snake on your mobile phone you simply  have to press and hold in the direction you want to your mobile and give it a try

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